The Stork Barn

The stork barn is a nursing station. Here we care for injured storks and orphaned stork chicks with the aim of releasing them back into the wild.

All year round we take care of injured storks that are no longer able to survive in nature. Young birds of the broodable nursing storks are released into the wild so that they can move south with other young birds.

We are not a breeding station.

Our tasks:

We are the ones to be contacted in case of stork emergencies and evaluate dead animals according to their cause of death. We observe the nests and read the storkˋs ring numbers. Here we note the date of arrival of the parent storks, the laying of eggs and the hatching of the young ones in order to determine the correct time for ringing. In addition, Aktion PfalzStorch uses these data to compile a population record and thus documents the development of the population.

The feeding costs for the care storks are primarily covered by voluntary donations and grants from Aktion PfalzStorch.