Stork Centre

The Pfalzstorch campaign has its association headquarters in the Stork Centre. Besides changing special exhibitions the Stork Centre fulfils further tasks:


Information Center

With its permanent exhibition, the Stork Centre offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to explore the following topics at interactive stations independently.


Thanks to the support of the Foundation for Nature and the Environment, the environmental education institution, which is recognised as a learning location for sustainability, has excellent equipment and literature for a wide range of subjects, such as bird watching, identification exercises for plants and animals in the meadow and water investigations.

Documentation Centre

All reports and data concerning the Upper Rhine storks are stored here in a database and are scientifically evaluated. Everything is accessible to visitors and interested parties in a nest map.
The stork godparent list is also kept in the database, i.e. godparents receive information about the whereabouts of their stork either on request or once a year, if there is a report about it. However, statements can only be made about storks whose rings could be read and whose sighting was reported.

Visit the stork centre.

The exhibition is in German, for our foreign visitors we also have translated material.

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